A monitoring program consists of taking regular measurements of the quantity and/or quality of a water resource at specified intervals and at specific locations to determine the chemical, physical and biological nature of the water resource and forms the foundation on which water management is based. WESST Consulting specialises in the development and implementation of customised monitoring programs catering for site specific needs. We also perform auditing and optimisation of existing monitoring programs.

Water quality data is only as good as the water samples from which measurements are made. WESST Consulting conduct water sampling in accordance with best practice guidelines and analyses are carried out at SANAS accredited laboratories.

Reporting on water quality monitoring is a mandatory requirement, stipulated in the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998). WESST Consulting has extensive experience in compiling water quality reports summarising monitoring data gathered. We also specialise in hydrochemical data interpretation with time-series monitoring data used to conduct trend analysis in order to manage/remediate the hydrogeological system.